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Terry S.

Design Manager

Tim is a talented designer, curious and enthusiastic to accept new challenges. He's not afraid to venture into unfamiliar territory in order to broaden his skill set and to increase his worth as a creative contributor. He is equally talented in print and digital design, and enjoys collaborating and sharing information with colleagues. Tim would be a quality addition to any team.

Taryn M.

Marketing & Research Director
MediaOne New England

During my tenure working with Tim, he has continuously "wowed" me with his creativity, passion and professionalism. Tim is always innovative with his designs, thinking outside the box while keeping true to the client's vision. He does an excellent job translating written concept into visual perfection.

Karen L.

Marketing Project Manager

Tim's easy going nature helped to make email campaign building enjoyable and easier to understand. When I came on board he was always at-the-ready to assist me with hands on training and explanations of the technical aspects of email development and deployment. He was quick to respond and we could count on him to stay the course, early or late, with us in order to meet our deadlines. His enthusiasm for his work is clear and I'm not sure I know a more likable and friendly coworker than Tim.

Nicole J.

Marketing Specialist

I worked with Tim while he was an Email Campaign Developer at Staples. Tim was always a great asset to the team when deadlines were quickly approaching. His time management skills and campaign development knowledge allowed me to launch all of my marketing campaigns flawlessly. He was always there to answer any questions I had and was extremely supportive in exploring new strategic projects.