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Terry Sullivan

Design Manager

Tim is a talented designer, curious and enthusiastic to accept new challenges. He's not afraid to venture into unfamiliar territory in order to broaden his skill set and to increase his worth as a creative contributor. He is equally talented in print and digital design, and enjoys collaborating and sharing information with colleagues. Tim would be a quality addition to any team.

Taryn Myers

Marketing & Research Director

During my tenure working with Tim, he has continuously "wowed" me with his creativity, passion and professionalism. Tim is always innovative with his designs, thinking outside the box while keeping true to the client's vision. He does an excellent job translating written concept into visual perfection.

Karen L'Ecuyer

Marketing Project Manager

Tim's easy going nature helped to make email campaign building enjoyable and easier to understand. When I came on board he was always at-the-ready to assist me with hands on training and explanations of the technical aspects of email development and deployment. He was quick to respond and we could count on him to stay the course, early or late, with us in order to meet our deadlines. His enthusiasm for his work is clear and I'm not sure I know a more likable and friendly coworker than Tim.

Ellen Uhlig

Email Marketing Program Manager

Tim is a valuable asset to the email marketing team at Staples. He has expertise in email design and development, but is also a strong project manager, working closely with key stakeholders and juggling multiple tasks to ensure that our B2B email campaigns are deployed correctly and on time in a fast-paced environment. He is a team player, dependable, and hard-working, and would be a great addition to any team!

Julie Vaillant

Marketing Program Manager

Tim is always willing to jump in and help fix any issues that arise. His strong problem-solving skills allow him to act quickly, effectively managing communications to all stakeholders until the issue is resolved. He consistently provided support to team members in an ever-changing environment and always accommodates last minute requests.

Nicole Jasmin

Marketing Specialist

I worked with Tim while he was an Email Campaign Developer at Staples. Tim was always a great asset to the team when deadlines were quickly approaching. His time management skills and campaign development knowledge allowed me to launch all of my marketing campaigns flawlessly. He was always there to answer any questions I had and was extremely supportive in exploring new strategic projects.

Joshua Allen

Marketing & Sales Enablement Manager

I was lucky enough to have Tim as my email marketing operations expert during my time as the Marketing & E-Commerce Manager for the Staples and Managed by Q relationship. My talent has always been in the story-telling side of marketing communications. Our email marketing process at Staples has a variety of layers and systems and with the sheer volume of concurrent marketing activities, it’s often difficult to balance out the when, where and who in marketing execution. Tim’s effort to both successfully release campaigns and educate partners on best practices made a significant impact on my work. In addition to his professional acumen, Tim brings a level of positivity and friendliness that made technical work more enjoyable. I genuinely appreciated our time partnering on campaigns.

Gina Mroczkowski

Marketing Manager, Print & Marketing Services

I worked with Tim during his time as an Email Campaign Developer at Staples. I heavily relied on Tim during each email deployment my team asked of him and he never disappointed. Tim always met deadlines, provided quick responses, and picked up on any existing issues quickly so they could be remedied in time for the launch date. He always volunteered to fix issues himself if possible before asking our team to go back to another group. And 9 times out of 10, Tim could fix the issue himself. Tim would be a great asset to any company, as he is dedicated to his role and extremely knowledgeable in digital marketing and email.

Jennifer Tusia

Lead Web Developer

It was a pleasure working with Tim over the past few years. He is very intuitive in the Email Marketing industry. Tim is always willing to work together to get a solution in place. Never backs aways from a challenge. He will be a valuable asset to have on your team.

Aaron Hartman

Marketing Program Manager

Tim has been a great partner to work with. He has a wealth of knowledge across email coding and developing that helps drive a successful campaign.

Jeffrey Gardner

Marketing Manager

Tim has a talent for quickly picking up new skills and putting them into practice. I worked with Tim planning and executing lifecycle emails. We leveraged modular design, and Tim demonstrated an impressive ability to deploy segmented creative without error. I’m recommend Tim for any progressive company looking for an experienced email developer.

Sasha Burgess

Advocacy Program Manager

I worked with Tim while he was an Email Campaign Developer at Staples. He would help me set up my monthly email campaigns and I was never disappointed! He was quick to answer my questions, helped streamline my processes and never missed a deadline. I recommend Tim without hesitation, anyone would be lucky to partner with him!

Courtney Brown

Marketing Project Manager

I worked with Tim at Staples as a Marketing Project Manager while he was managing our email campaigns for the Staples Business Advantage side of our business. Tim was always a great asset in our weekly creative review meetings making sure our email designs were following best practices and providing feedback to ensure every email was a great customer experience. When managing our email campaigns, Tim was timely and organized. He had a helpful ability to explain more technical details of email development to people who might not be as familiar with them creating strong and efficient business partnerships. Tim is a friendly, hard-working colleague who would be a great fit for any team culture.

Deanna Amidon

Email Marketing Specialist

Tim is one of the most dedicated people I have worked with and will do whatever it takes to meet a deadline. In email marketing, unpredicted and urgent campaigns periodically arise and Tim always jumps to the challenge, in fact he welcomes it. Another strength of Tim’s is his ability to figure out how something works and then applies it to the campaigns he is managing. For example, just about everything he knows about Responsys is self-taught. I worked directly with Tim at Staples and know he would be a great addition to any Marketing team!

Luke Siekmeier

Lead Interactive Designer

Tim and I were colleagues at Staples. Although our offices were in different time zones, Tim always showed himself to be a talented designer and a tremendous team player. He would often demonstrate strong leadership when taking on new assignments and would always volunteer to take on extra work when other team members were in need of help.

Tim was a great asset to our team, as I’m sure he would be to any organization in the future. I would highly recommend him.

Deborah Gagnon

Graphic & Production Designer

Timothy Dowd works long and concentrated hours in and outside of work to better himself for its own sake. He is deeply passionate about his work and looks for every opportunity to better himself. He is not afraid of trying new things and volunteering for new tasks that need ownership. He always steps up to the plate and delivers in full. He is an employee you can count on and would fit in well at any organization.

Jason Bilsky

Production Design Specialist

Tim is an amazing worker. he is incredibly well-versed in all aspects of digital marketing and e-mails. He is never one to shy away from learning a new skill or teaching someone else a skill that he knows. He is friendly, funny, knowledgable and driven to provide the best product possible.

Kathleen Ohlson

Editor & Writer

I worked with Timothy during his stint at Staples, and he was a great coworker. He was conscientious, thoughtful and organized. When he sent a complicated project to me, Timothy took the time to explain the parts and what needed to be reviewed. Timothy was fun and friendly to work with.

Paula Winer

Multimedia Sales Executive

Working with Tim was a very honest experience. His expertise is of such that he would design exactly what you had seen in your mind's eye. Tim knows the ins and out of the graphic arts industry and will be an extremely valuable asset to anyone's team.

Brandin Power

Digital Sales Manager

Tim is an excellent designer. His was originally hired for print publications but has emerged as a resource for our digital department to fall on. He is a graphics guy at heart but has strong web skills. I would definitely hire Tim for any graphic or web position I was recruiting for.

Chris Tierney

Web Developer & Graphic Designer

Timothy Dowd is a talented graphic designer, someone who can be counted on to come through under tight deadline pressure time and time again. He is dedicated professional whose fun, friendly personality belies just how serious he is about his art, craft and profession. Indeed, somehow Tim manages to make good, hard work look easy. And because of that I enjoy working with him.

Jay DiPanfilo

Account Manager

I've referred Tim to many of my clients looking for design help with web sites or marketing collateral. Tim always comes through with great designs, under budget and on time. The best part is he always makes me look good. Thanks Tim!

Patricia Hamm

Administrative Assistant

Timothy P. is a detail oriented graphic designer. I worked with him on customer advertisements, Sun sponsorship ads, and special section ads. He produced creative ads especially when the customer didn't provide much material and for sponsorship ads. Timothy stayed late many times to get the job done because of the customer not making deadlines and he cared about the end product. I definitely recommend Timothy for any position in the graphic design field.